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DM 7020 HDD & second tuner?

My Satellite Setup
DreamMultiMedia 7020s with 250gigHDD, Fortec Star Inno.PACE 2600 $ky box,Inverto IDL 5000HD Wavefrontier 90 Dish.ATEC & LG, lcd TV's...RO.VER SDM 1& 2 sat. meters. Digiair Meter...
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Was Chesterfield Derbyshire..UK. now South West France, near Angouleme(16)
Sorry folks, newbie here...

just got hold of a 7020s, and before I start to update and install it (literally)

what hard drive do you recommend, and is it possible to fit a 2nd tuner?

I would like to record one or more channels, or watch one, record another etc....I will be using later a wavefrontier dish & multi lnb's possibly 8/10 when I get it all sorted out

TIA Andy

dig deep

Prince of Birthdays
Staff member
My Satellite Setup
Dream7020 and AZ Elite and a few DM800
My Location
U should have waited for the 8ooo :) for the twin tuner system(or 7025)

HD, anyone will do, but choose a slower one, the heat will be too much if U use it all the time. Best is if U can put a small fan inside the box.