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Downloading to Fortec Star Receivers

My Satellite Setup
Fortec Star Innovation with FS motorised dish & two fixed dishes
My Location
For those struggling with Fortec Star Receivers such as the Passion & Passion+, the following MAY also apply:-

This may be blindingly obvious to the experienced, but not to an old fart like me - I have struggled all day with the instructions sent to me by Fortec`s techsupport in Dubai on how to download the software to correct all the problems on my Fortec Star Innovation receiver: what they didn`t tell me was that although the receiver is brand new, this doesn`t mean that its installed firmware is fromm 2009, or even 2008!!

In order to get the thing working, you have to download ALL the firmware updates on their website, and make sure that you do it in chronological order - skip a download, and all turns to ratshit - when following this bleedingly obvious procedure, the Innovation is transformed into what I thought I had bought in the first place.

The receiver now has a fully active EPG, and several upgrades that are very useful - like automatically sorting the channels into local first - being in Scotland, it has put BBC Scotland, ITV Scotland etc,m at the top of the list, then all the other regional channels afterwards - it even puts BBC HD at the beginning of the list!

Now why couldn`t the techsupport team tell me tjis in the first place - now all I need to get working is the HDD, maybe having a 1TB capacity is screwing it up?