Dragon Cam 4.1 Should i get one



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motorised dish not sure of decoder type has an x cam and i have sky tc
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wigan, united kingdom
i am thinking about buying a dragon cam i currently have an x-cam which i update using my pmcia slot on a laptop i am fairly new to the world of satellite and would appreciate some help. are dragon cams any good are they better then my x-cam. i have seen a dragon 4.1 cam on ebay with an a-card 9, loader card and dynamite programmer is this the kind of thing i should look for can i continue to use my laptop to upgrade a dragon cam how do you upgrade a dragon cam, any help which could be offered would be gratefully received


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Topfield 4000PVR with Aston 1.07 CAM, (canaldigitaal), dragoncam,
Sky digibox,
Bush HD Freesat,
Visiosat trisat looking at Astra1, Astra2 and Hotbird.
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Netherlands & Central Brittany
I don't know about the dragon being the best cam at the moment, but I am very happy with mine. Apart from its excellent support for official canaldigitaal and sky cards it also opens up tps and others. I use an infinity USB pheonix to program mine. You could certainly do worse thing with your money, the dragon rocks.


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Plaza ST550
Dragon 4.1,
Cas2 + Add on.
Mastera card progger.
Lots of Ice Scrapers :-)
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North West UK
Just like to add to this.
XCam is getting about the same as Dragon at the moment.
I programme my Dragon via loader card & Mastera progger (bit old, but so am I :))
The reason for this post is basically just to save you a few bob. If your X Cam is clearing things, (and support seems good for it) why change?
cjgall says *I don't know about the dragon being the best cam at the moment*, and, let's face it, everyone has their own opinions.
Personally, I think it is, though I'd be tempted to keep your X Cam for the moment or at least until support dries up..:cool: