dragon cam bug ?



I am a newbie.
I have bought via internet in Germany a dragon cam. The modul was sent in an open plastic small pocket. Before I program, I tested the modul on my receiver fortecstar. Predator 3,03 appears... The modul is not virgin as it should be. But TV screen remains black.

I managed to program the predator 3.04 on a funcard 7 Prussian 5.
And the loading from funcard 7 into modul is also successful. Message:Loading successful everytime.

But for some technical reasons, the module doesn´t decrypt any scrambled TV as it should be.

I thought first that the problem is maybe my loader card is not a original card. Therefore I was going to a satellitsales man who got an original loader card and program the dragon modul. He programmed it with his original dragoncard but all scrambled TV remain black.

A satellit salesman tells me it´s a default of the modul. Only producers of the dragon modul can repair it. I have to send back the modul to the vendor.

I posted this thread just to have a confirmation of any one who meets this case. Is that true, are there any solution that a newbie can do ?

In short: whatever version of predator I program, the modul takes it without error messages. Just it doesn´t do anything it supposed to be.

Thanks in advance for your reply.