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Dragon Cam Help

Please can you help i have issues with my Dragon Cam i have a fun7 dragon loader card and i am using a CWI Dragon Loader software i also have USB Infinity software this i set to 6.0 Pheonix mode.
But when i load the latest firmware and press write all i keep getting is can not connect to com port(com port may be in use by another program but this is not the case i have erades the dragon card once and loaded the falsh file that i am told is the fix Fun7LDRht.hex and tried to write again but still not detecting the com port please can any one help this is driving me mad.




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Hi blue1965,
you only use the dragon loader and Phoenix mode when writing to a PIC card. To program a Fun card 7, just start up your programmer, choose DragonloaderCard(AVR) or Prussian Card 5,
load the FUN7LDR.HEX into flash.
Load Predator 3.3.bin into Ext EEp and choose option 2 reverse span.
To load your dragon make sure you follow the instructions in the Dragon howto file.
Ensure your tuned to a FTA channel.
Turn off your receiver.
Insert card, chip face up.
Once the Dragon and card are in your receiver. turn on your receiver.
Navigate to Dragon Cam and load module.
When loading is complete, remove your card, switch off receiver, and switch on receiver.
If you experience any problems please post back.
Best wishes