Dragon Cam not decoding


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Rolfw, and to anyone who can help me, I purchased a Dragon Cam/funcard7/pro
grammer just before Xmas, with a little help I downloader drivers for programmer,
and a understanding of it,(this is my first attempt at this) got the Card program
with Predator 2.34 file, and then proceeded to load trough the receiver, it seemed to load ok, acknowledge loading,told take card out of Cam turn off/on
receiver again,everything should be working now,but when I turn off/on receiver go to menu,it tells me-no smartcard inserted, and -not decoding. I dont know where the problems lies,is my receiver not compatioble with the Dragon Cam, my receiver is a Technomate tm 5500 ci plus, Iwould appreciate any help or suggestions from any source, Thanks in advance