Dragon CAM on Manhattan Starlight 6900



My Satellite Setup
Manhattan starlight 6900 with motorised 1.2M dish.
using Dragon CAM
My Location
South West Ireland
Hello Everybody,

I have a similar problem getting Predator running but on a Manhattan starlight 6900 which I have in use for more than one year now. In the last two weeks I have purchased a Dragon CAM rev.4.1 but labelled TransGlobal Twin CAM from Germany with loader card included was a Sim for Xplus TV, etc…

I have also purchased an Infinity USB unlimited programmer.

I have loaded predator 3.21 onto the loader card successfully and also loaded this onto the CAM, the predator 3.21 welcome menu comes up once I enter the CA setup menu on the receiver I can see the following menu items, SmartCard, SIM Card, Debug, Settings, Exit.

I have now also inserted the SIM into the CAM.

With or without the SIM I cannot get the system to descramble any channels, even the subscription channels the SIM should handle do not work, eg. XplusTV on hotbird !

When I step through the menu I get the following:-Under Smart card, I see "Not Decoding" on the bottom of the screen.

Under SIM Card I find the title "Predator 3.21", sub heading "Firecrypt S IM, Serial nr : XXXXXXXXXX" followed by nothing else other than at the bottom of the screen "Make your choice" but there is no list to select from !

Has anybody tried Predator on a Manhattan Starlght 6900 receiver ?

What could possibly be the cause of the problem above, am I missing something simple ?

Can somebody give me some debug tips ?