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has anyone else had problems with pred 3.12 just loaded it into cam and keep getting message reading smart card when i go through the menu on the cam i keep getting the message initalizing and none of the channels come have i damaged the card what can i do to sort it out without the obvious buying a new card


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Hi dave32,
if you're not using the new N*S features, for S*y, your better off with Predator 3.10 and updating the keys manually, as their are problems with Polsat with the later Predators.
If you download Predator 3.10 from:
and then update the keys for SRG and S*y Italia from:

If you are using the new features it might be best to download and install Predator 3.12 again. Remember to always follow the instructions, in the howto.txt file, when loading Predator as failure to do so can cause damage to your Cam.
Insert the programmed card into the Dragon module. Insert this into a receiver
and turn on the receiver. make sure you are tuned to an FTA channel.

Go to the Common interface menu on the receiver, and select the "Dragon Loader" module.
In the next menu, select "yes, Load module".
Now a menu appears indicating that loading is in progress. To see the actual porgress percentage,
select "refresh". There is no auto-refresh because some receivers had problems with that....

When loading is complete, a menu appears saying "Loading successful". REMOVE the loader
card from the module, and switch off and turn back on the receiver.

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also had problems with pred 311 at 30w ca*bo freeze but as micka says 310 still ok