Dragon Team v.4.1



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My Satellite Setup
Triple Dragon, Dreambox 8000, Echostar AD3000ip, TBS6522,6925,6983 PCie cards.
Gibertini 1.25m motorised dish driven by the AD3000, with either Inverto BU Quad or Norsat / XMW Ka LNBs . SMW 1.05m + 3 other dishes. Speccy: Promax HD Ranger+
My Location
The Flatlands of East Anglia
Dragon Team v4.1 8MB - based on the latest official image

- var/ 2.0 MB


- emu manager (beta version)
- fixed start menu, now is in EN language
- new xml menu version FR and DE
- fixed possibility check update (if you don't have internet connection, script stop working and on TV you see message)
- Web Interface French version
- New radio logo
- possibility of linking keys to usb or hdd
- possibility of linking emu to hdd
- changed works of addon manager. Now isn't integrated part of menuxml. First must be downloaded actual addon list and then you can install addons which you want.
- new version of Td more menu plugin

#Important !!
Links give possibility of moving keys and emu to usb or hdd. In var/ is creating link and then you can download addons for selected place.
If you want links to emus directory from /var, this directory must exist ! Just only download emu by using addon manager and directory will be created automatically.
If moving directory emus from /var to hdd and it is still show in /var - so is linked. If we have linked this directory then download addons to flash !

Emu manager - beta.
Emu manager has possibility to select emu without bmtoy plugin.
1. download noalco
2. from manager emu select configuration which you want to use
3. restart emu
4. restart box

Download from _www.ump2002.net