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Hi All,
as I am new to this I would be gratefull if someone would help me.
I have a Dragon Cam with Predator 3.12 installed
Useing a Fun7 card and Elvis programmer how do I update the cam with new keys??
Which files do I load Flash with Fun7 flash loader hex internal eeprom with eeprom1, and external eeprom with eeprom2,
Thanks in advance

Henno :-)


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Hi henno,
you can find all the information you require in the howto file located in the Predator folder, it is always wise to read the readme and howto files contained in any folder you download:

For this method, you need a FUN7 card Using a suitable programmer, program the FLASH of the FUN7 card with FUN7LDR.HEX,

and program the EEPROM with predatorXXX.bin (Ext EEprom 2 and use reverse span, option2). Make sure the programmer you use can handle the large eeprom size of the fun7 card correctly!
END alternative method

Insert the programmed card into the Dragon module. Insert this into a receiver and turn on the receiver. make sure you are tuned to a FTA (Free to Air) channel.
If your Dragon Cam is already in your receiver, tune to a FTA channel and then turn off your receiver, insert the loader card into your Dragon Cam, chip facing up, then turn on your receiver.
Go to the Common interface menu on the receiver, and select the "Dragon Loader" module.
In the next menu, select "yes, Load module".
Now a menu appears indicating that loading is in progress. To see the actual porgress percentage, select "refresh". There is no auto-refresh because some receivers had problems with that....
When loading is complete, a menu appears saying "Loading successful". REMOVE the loader card from the module, and switch off and turn back on the receiver.
Best wishes