Dreambox 500-s to PC streaming HELP!!??



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I am a total newbie to dreambox yet have it set up on a card share, the only problem is getting the box to stream to my Pc. Here's what I have.

Dreambox 500-s with colosseum
P4 3.2 on Belkin wireless G plus mimo router on win 2k (ethernet hardwired)
VLC player

I have looked at and followed a few different step by step guides trying to hook this up but to no avail.

If someone that has a similar setup or more brain cells than me could help, I would really appreciate this, as through colosseum all I have seen is a blue screen and cannot seem to get VLC to interact.

Anyway, if you have answers, please understand that I could rewire your house with a chick with a big head wrapped around me and blocking my view but this has got me stumped. Don't know which settings need adjusting or if a teabag will sort it out on its own (do you see yet)

I really appreciate your 10,000 word essay with colourful pictures and pointy arrows 'n' stuff.

Thanks for reading and grassy arse for any help
ps. nd.electrical*ntlworld.com if this is better for you to explain
Neil :*)


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