Dreambox 7000 and Gemini-4.7 image network connection Error

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Dreambox 7000 with Gemini-4.7
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I have a Dreambox 7000 with Gemini-4.7 installed on it.

Today I have purchased a C line from one of the CCcam Server on the internet costing £12 a month with all the satellite you need.

The problem is that my network setting are wrong because Gemini internet setting screen is giving me a red lights on both the IP address and the Subnetmask but the other two the Name Server and the Gateway setting are giving me the green lights saying that these two are OK. I have changed my router to the use the modem ports and manually changed the IP address and Subnetmask in my Gemini setting screen but still having the problem when I come to test my connection.

But the thing is that I can connect to my Dreambox by FTP and download contents through using my Dreambox Gemini in the Addon section and I can see my web interface of my Dreambox. So I know that I have connected to my Dreambox but why is it giving my the red light in the network setting screen in my Gemini Image.

I have installed CCcam.ppc and uploaded the new CCcam.cfg file to the Dreambox and open the relevant ports on my router, so I know this is not the problem.

I have as my flash file is PLI image install and the Gemini is install on my HDD. Could this be the problem?? ?

As anybody got a clue into what happening here or could advise me what to do next?? ?

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