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dreambox 7020 vs 7025

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My Satellite Setup
dreambox (7020 vs 7025)
Adsl 512
Asus motherboard dual channel 1024x2mb
AMD 3000 proccesor
My Location
Hello evrybody this is my first time writting somthing on the forum and i hope i did it the right way.
i read a lot about breambox 7020 but not too much about 7025. i was wondering if there is so much help on 7025 as on 7020. i am intent to buy DB7025 becasue of the HDD. what the 2 tuner do on the 7025 that cannot do on 7020.
Is there any specific dish that i need to buy or it matters just the radius of it on how many channel the reciever will be able to recieve.
Not open for further replies.