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Dreambox and USALS


The Consumate Dreamer
Staff member
My Satellite Setup
1 GigaBlue Quad plus, 1 Dreambox 5620, MOTECK SG2100A DISEqC Motor, 120 cm noname offset dish, Humax 95 cm offset dish and a few UK digiboxes.
My Location
Somewhere where the Sauer is Kraut and the Wurst is Brat
Can someone explain to me if there is any connection between Dreambox and USALS? I understand that this is a similar to disecq or "go to xx", but I am not sure i understand.

So, how about some basics on this?


DB Magician
A motorised system can be used either in the 'motor' mode or the 'usals' mode. In the usals mode (which is same as the 'go to xx' in dreambox) once the latitude and longitude are given, the satellite positions relative to that location are determined from a stored list. In the 'motor' mode any satellite position can be stored manually. If the motor moves by say 1 deg to the east after a storm, if I don't want to climb on the roof, I can just 'lie' to the usals setup about my longitude and add 1 deg to east :D ! Regards, pcd.