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For anyone who read my pleas for help over a SCART priority switch, I would suggest that you fall into one of two categories.

First were probably those that thought "poor bloke, he's really sh@fted"

Second, there were those that thought "daft tw@t, why doesn't he just switch his SCART leads round a bit and save £50"

Whichever category you fall into, I have the following advice:-

Second category - I'm removing you from my Christmas card list...

First category - I have some good news for you!

This is what I did. Now pay attention, I shall say this only once...

Sly Digibox TV SCART goes to Dreambox 7000S VCR SCART.
Dreambox TV SCART goes to TV RGB SCART 1
Sly Digibox VCR SCART goes to Panasonic video AV2 Decoder/Ext SCART

Digibox uses RF loopthrough from Ant-in to Panasonic video RF-in. Video feeds telly through RF-out into telly ant-in.

Goddit so far?

DVD Player TV SCART goes to TV (Non-RGB unfortunately) SCART 2.
Had to change the video output from the DVD from RGB to Composite in DVD menu, but still good picture).

PS1 connects to TV via RF splitter (sorry, I've let myself down...and you) and the fridge (Zannusi) via Fast Ethernet.

So this is how it works...

TV mode as normal.
Sly box on, TV auto-switches to Digibox.

Regardless of whether Digibox on or not, on Dreambox power-up, TV switches to Dreambox input (Yippee!!!! This is just what I wanted!!)

Regardles of what else is on or off, when I occasionally put a DVD on, the TV switches to DVD input on SCART 2!!!


Video can record from Digibox OK in decent quality, Dreambox can record anything on the planet (almost) onto it's hard disk, and I can dial a cold beer from my Playstation!

You can stick your £30 - £50 SCART switches (which, incidentally, got a sh!t writeup in Wotsat when I eventually found it...).

Hope someone else saves themselves some money too.....


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Hey Stick!!

I am happy for you! I got something similar: I turn on the tv, then turn on the digibox. Digibox turns on and tv shows Digibox. Turn off Digibox, TV shows Dreambox. Can record from both while watching the other. Only time iI need to use the Scart switch is when I want to watch DVD and record something...But that almost never happens anymore because the VCR is broken....