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Hi All,

I have been working recently on a script which carries out a Watchdog function on a DM7000S running Gemini Image.

It does the following:-
1. Restarts the Dreambox if it has been 'Up' for more than 23 hours.
2. Time for reboot set using Crond.
3. Restart will wait for:
* a. Box in Standby (not in use viewing).
* b. Box not Streaming (to PC/Laptop).
* c. Box not recording.
* d. No active CCcam clients.
4. A soft Restart is used (so settings should not be lost) followed by return to Standby.
5. Every 5 minutes (or whatever, settable in cron-table) it checks an Emu is running.
6. If it finds no Emu running, it restarts the last Emu it found in use.
7. It logs all Emu restarts, Emu changes and Box restarts to a log file.

Before I package it and write some instructions, is this something people would be interested in?

The prototype has been working on my DM7000S running Gemini 4.70 in FlashWizard multi-boot for about a week now and seems OK but as I am not part of any CS I would appreciate comments.

Best wishes, John.