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My Satellite Setup
I am a new user looking for advice, I have a normal satalite setup
My Location
Hi all, I am new to this forum, so I hope I have posted this right.

I am thinking of buying a satalite reciever:-doh! , could anyone give me a little advice on how to choose one, I dont want to pay alot for it and I must be able to programme, so if anyone can get me information on what these recievers can or can,t do I would be greatfull:-doh2


The Consumate Dreamer
Staff member
My Satellite Setup
1 GigaBlue Quad plus, 1 Dreambox 5620, MOTECK SG2100A DISEqC Motor, 120 cm noname offset dish, Humax 95 cm offset dish and a few UK digiboxes.
My Location
Somewhere where the Sauer is Kraut and the Wurst is Brat
Welcome to the Forum Puppy

It is indeed the wrong section for such a question, you won't get many replies as this is in the dreambox FAQ section.

I would suggest you use the search function and have a look for best receiver. There are many similar questions already posted.

It all depends what you want to watch, how good you are with a computer, how much yo8 want to spend etc. Make sure to include this information when asking, so you will have a better chance of an answer.:)