dreamox dm500 and xtra link2



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i have a dreambox dm500s along witha modulator with in and out to send signal to the tv in other room.
i buy xtra link2 172-78 and i don;t know how to connect it to the modulator to change channels for the other room .please help me


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i did this with a digisender, you don't need coaxial or splitters like what is shown. All you need is a sender in the av on receiver and one on your tv upstairs, make sure the magic eye (IR device) is aimed at the part of the receiver where infra red signals are sent to (usually a red or yellow blob) and then you're away to control it upstairs.

Not sure about your way but there's much simpler ways of doing it now. The advantage of your way is that you'd get good quallity picture but too be honest with you, i'd just hook up another feed to the dish and send it upstairs if you're going to be laying down extra coaxial anyways.