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DS9 628 PIC



Hi !!!
I have a problem in programming the 628 Pic with D*9 401 IVS file. I used three different cards and still I get verification error at address 0000h everytime. Using Elvis with DosProg 2.4. Can anybody please help or send me a file that works? Another question that
has just popped to my mind,if a h*x file is made for a certain pic or eeprom, can we use it with a different p & e or do we need to change the format and how?



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Can't help you with your first question, but with respect to your second:
In general, no, a file written for one particular chip will not be usable on another. Different chips will recognise different command-sets and will have different memory addressing.
If you get hold of the data sheet for a given chip, then it will indicate which are compatible (if any).
Conversion may be as simple as adjusting the memory addresses, or it may require the source-code to be re-compiled using a compiler that generates the other chip's command-set.

PS: I'm on a holy quest to determine the meaning of this peculiar asterisk thing. Why did you type "D*9" instead of "DS9" and "h*x" instead of "hex"?