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DS9 for Seca channels


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Kaon DVR - KSC-N620
Fortechstar FSCI9800
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I have a DS9 5in1 file which works fine in Viaccess in my IRDETO FreeCam2. I update the keys and reprogram my Silver card. It worked for most of the Viacess channels. But it does not work for SECA. What special should I do. The Cyfra codes are already in place but I cannot get any of the Seca channels to clear. None of the Seca channels are decoded.

I use Picbined 1.5 to enter the code and an Elivs to program the card.

My receiver is a Fortecstar FSCI 9800.

What does DS9 5in1 file mean. What are the encryption it can decode and what does the FreeCam mean when the menu shows various encryption. I tried chaning the Encryption to Seca, Seca-via, and via-Seca. And All ECM=ON.

Please help.