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dsr9500 via ci cam/signal problem

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I have a little problem with a samsung dsr9500 via ci tuner.When there is a cam modul inserted the signal drops just enough to cause a problem with the weaker signal channels on astra and hotbird,more so with a magic cam.I have tried 2 other samsungs with the same results.I have tried the cam in a topfield 3000 with no problem.Does any one out have any ideas what the trouble could be or is the samsung just junk.
Thanks in advance.


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Hi paunygaa,

Can't say that I've heard anyone say that the Samsung is junk, nor have I heard anyone mention this problem before, I would also guess that the Samsung equipment can be seen under different names.

I can offer no real explanation for this behaviour, my initial thoughts would be on power supply, but I don't believe that the CAM would draw a huge amount of power, if you have the facility, try disabling the inbuilt CAM and see if that majkes a difference.

Failing that, it could be a software problem and it may be worth seeing if there is an update available on the samsung site.