DTG creating wireless in-house Freeview distribution system



The Digital TV Group (DTG) has begun work to develop a 'digital video sender', a system of wireless delivery of digital TV signals to 2nd and 3rd TVs in homes. The project has financial assistance from the Department of Trade & Industry, and should show whether the new method is practical.

This sends a Freeview signal received through an ordinary Freeview set-top box from a simple 'gateway' located near the main TV, using spectrum in the 5.8GHz band. The system is effectively an enhanced digital version of current analogue video senders, and is capable of carrying a complete digital terrestrial TV multiplex or its equivalent (there are six multiplexes currently in use by the Freeview platform).

The DTG claims this approach is "much simpler than the wireless LAN systems that are being developed and uses existing mass-market devices. It will therefore be cheaper to implement in the near term."