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I'm in need of a dual band LP, something that covers B3 and UHF for a trip abroad that uses both bands, in fact they still use analogue all the way upto 850MHz but I've hit a dead end trying to find something suitable. It needs to be a single antenna as I'm limited in what I can take so can't fit in two seperate aerials but I can modify a single log to fit it in the case.

The Fracarro LP345F and LP3454MF fit the bill rather well but having had a long chat on the phone to their UK office today they aren't able to get single items over here, in fact their system wouldn't even let them start an order with any of the 345 models presumably they know we don't use B3 over here. They are readily available in Italy and by the look of things Portugal but I've yet to find any online store that would ship it internationally so is there anything available to buy in the UK? Must be single boom, E5-12 and E21 to 69 or possibly 60 if it's fitted with an LTE filter.
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Why not extend one of the higher gain passive units out there ?

No need to understand the formula, just follow the curvature and length until you pass the lowest frequency you wish to capture.

About an hours work once you have taken a bycicle wheel apart.


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Also look at the copy that has FTE Maximal, the LOG 3235 F antenna in case you find it.
Mira también la copia que tiene FTE Maximal, la antena LOG 3235 F por si la encuentras.

DTT Sparta Combo antenna
Esta tiene poca ganancia, por si te puede interesar, mire los datos el año pasado, con filtro LTE
This has little gain, in case you may be interested, look at the data last year, with LTE filter.
Receiving channels: • 5 ... 12, • 21 ... 60
Gain : • 4 ... 7 dB - VHF, • 10 ... 15 dB - UHF

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