DVBDream DVB-S2 HD CA&CI USB BOX cannot find chanals



My Satellite Setup
DVBWorld DVB-S2 HD CA&CI USB BOX, DiSEqC 1, 2 x 60sm dishes
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Hi everyone,

i recently purchased a DVBWorld USB box on eBay. It is a Chunese make (see http://www.worlddvb.com.cn) and came with a "magical" card reader that supposedly supports a large number of CAMs. I was hoping to be able to watch free and paid chanels from ITV Partner package on Eutelsat W2 for which i have a subscription card.

So i installed the driver and the software that came with it. I scanned Hotbird and Eutelsat W2 and it found over 1000 chanals. Howeve the chanals that i was specifically looking for were missing. I tried various softwares - ProgDVB, DVBDream, MyTheater, WatchTV but it was with same results.

For example below FTA chanal cannot be found - at same time it plays fine on my Kaon receiver.

Eutelsat W2
Transponder B2
System: DVB-S
Freq: 11.014 GHz
Symb. rate: 27.500
Polar: Vertical
Modulation: QPSK
FEC: 3/4
Channel SID VPID APID Type Scramble DVB subs LCN
BNT Sat 6 34 35 TV service FTA No 18

Can anyone tell me why the DBV Box doesn't find it. Is is a problem with the device or settings or maybe i do something wrong. I will appreciate any advice. Thank you.

Best Regards