EA Sports to dumb down games for Wii

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Jun 26, 2007
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EA Sports supremo Peter Moore has suggested that the company needs to make its games more accessible, in what many would consider an overt statement that titles for the Wii should be dumbed down.
Moore, speaking to Reuters, admitted the success of Wii Sports had left his wondering if EA Sports’ fare was too complex, and he confirmed that the ‘All Play’ range of games would be catering for ‘that crowd’.
"We can't be blind to the fact that different consumers are coming into games now and shame on us if we can't evolve and develop something for that crowd," Peter Moore, head of EA Sports, told Reuters.
“While we have no intention whatsoever of dumbing down the experience that we all love and that drives this multibillion dollar business ... we need to make sports games more approachable.
Swimming lessons
"We learned some hard lessons [from Wii Sports]. That was the type of sports experience they were looking for and we saw that and decided we needed to redefine what our sports games were about," Moore added.
“It's like how swimming pools have a deep end and a shallow end. EA Sports has really only built a swimming pool with a deep end.
“It's intimidating for a lot of people to jump right in the deep end. With All-Play, we're building a shallow end," Moore added.
A word to the wise, if EA Sports want to cover Olympic Diving they may want to consider reopening the deep end.