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I have had an Echostar 3000 for about a year now with no problems but in the last few days I always have to ajust the satellite positions on it. I.E. if I go from 28.2E to 16E the signal is all weak on 16E. I ajust it in the menu and store the new location. When I go back to 28.2E that one is weak and so on. I always have to ajust it even when I go back to 16E it is weak again. I have done a factory reset and a new channel download but with now joy. I also find it hard to find the satellites again even if they have analouge channels left on them. Is there an easy way of finding all the satellites?
The hardest one is the most western satellite.
Just for your information I am still using software Version 100
and have a SPS1 switch hooked up to it for my Panasonic Digibox.
Could it be my Actuator on my 90cm Channel Master Dish?

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Nine out of ten such problems (and they are common) arise because the cabling for the motor is not shielded properly. Noise spikes arising in the cable are interpreted by the receiver as pulses, gradually casuing misalignment.
Try replacing the cable with high-quality cable sourced at a satellite dealer if you have not already got such cable in use.
Another possible problem is poor connections at the receiver (the pinch connectors are notoriously bad for that).



This is a common problem with Echostar 3000ip
The only solution that has been tried is to use a screened cable earthed at the receiver end

instal a 10uf capatitor across the read contacts
and a 100uf capacitor across the motor contacts.

When you are adjusting the sat location use the option 5 (position ) not option 6 (re-align)

re align moves all the sats by the amount that you adjust the one sat.

Check that all the nuts and bolts are tight, my system the nut and bolt on the end of the actuator had worked slightly loose and this caused the problem.

It was not visible until I phisically checked the nuts, when tightened I added lock tight which cured the problem


thank you for your reply. I have quality cable from a Satellite shop. I will check the nuts as soon as weather permits here in the UK. I also use option 5 to reposition the dish. I think it might be the dish or the actuator because we have had very high winds here latley and they might have worked themself loose.

Thanks again