echostar 808 and dragon



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My Satellite Setup
1 fixed dish 90cm invacom0.3 dual 13°E -
1 fixed dish 130cm cambridge lnb 0.6 28°E -
1 panasonic 30 and 1 amstrad sky digiboxes - 1 echostar 808ci viaccess - dragon, joker, CAS 3 I/F
My Location
rome, italy
hi m8s, can anyone give some advise with a couple of problems I have on my little echostar (not the best, but a real jewel when compared to sky digiboxes)?
Now, i just got myself a dragon cam, programmed it with CAS 3 interface and predator, and it's working fine with both original sky cards UK and IT (I know, mr Ruperttheshark loves me with all the money I give him every month). Haven't tried the X channels yet, by the way.
Anyway the problems are :
1. the receiver does not work correctly with 2 cams inserted, the dragon and the joker I had. I have to take one out otherwise the message in the centre of the screen "decrypting" keeps blinking. Take any of the 2 cams out and the blinking stops. Did any of you experienced anything similar with 2 cams inserted?
Any suggestions?
2. the channel names and places are very, very old, like 1-2 years old and the software is just over 6 months old (downloaded directly in the box from hot bird), so it is very difficult to find the actual channels I want to see. Do you have the same problem ? Any new software from echostar which has updated channel list ? Do I loose my personal settings, preferences and channel lists when I update sw from the satellite directly ?