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Echostar D2600 IP help and a few questions

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Simple setup - Echostar 2600IP+ Traix 88cm Dish.
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I have a D2600 receiver, and am thinking of maximising its use. Im lookng at a 1.1m dish. Im not too clued up with this so please forgive me if I make any errors

Few questions, the receiver is only diseqc 1.2, so Does this mean I cant use the later 1.3 or 1.4 systems? what would I need to drive the motors?

Also can the internal viaccess 1 be upgraded to viaccess 2?

Finally is there anyone who can tell me abouts cams, cards and programmers as I dont know any thing about it.

Many thanks


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My Satellite Setup
1.2m channel master on a jeager 1224 motor. 55cm fibo Gregorian. VU solo2.
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Your 2600 has a 36v positioner hence the IP (internal positioner) You can use an actuator with it. Far better than disec motor`s.

Regarding the viaccess im not sure.

The best cams out at the moment are dragon and t-rex. also the diablo cam.

Take a look at the programmer section loads of info in there.

I can recommend a good programmer, try the elvis, it will cope with most cards out today.;)