Echostar LT8700

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Need some help please.
I am unable to find within the menu a method to move sattelites or their positions. In the past I have been able to do this but have forgotten how.

Also has anybody thoughts as to which digital receiver would best ride piggy back on my LT800.
thanking you in advance Leslie


When I had an Echostar LT8700, I used a Nokia 9600 digital receiver. The Nokia software was not very good so I had Dr Overflow software loaded onto it.

However, I have recently bought the new ECHOSTAR AD 3000 receiver which has got both analogue and digital within the one box. Makes switching between analoge and digital very easy.

I personnally would suggest buying one of these instead of getting a separate digital receiver.

Also, Echostar do regular software upgrades for the AD3000 as well, and they are very easy to apply. I have just upgraded my AD3000 from software version 200 to 300.

Hope this helps.
Not open for further replies.