Echostart AD3000IP TPS Problem



I upgraded my Echostar AD3000IP to 8.0 Firmware and at the same time, I've upgraded my Freecam to -18 build. I now using a 5in1 Funcard and at last I hope to get Viaccess TPS channels.

However whenever I try to access a TPS channel, my reciver resets.

I checked the TPS transponder setting against Lynsat and found that some of the Transponder setting were wrong. Notably the FEC. I changed these with Setedit -045 for AD3000IP. And then deleted all the channels on the TPS transponder. I then tried a Transponder channel search. However on doing this my set reset again.

Do I need to reset to factory defaults ?
Is it a bug with 8.0 OS ? I thought TPS probs were fixed in this Rev.

Thanks for any help,