Edusat change its parameters



Since 24 of October, Polish television channel Edusat, started broadcast from new transponder 73B of the Intelsat 707 - 1W satellite, and frequency 11,189V. Until recently, channel was available from transponder 61L and frequency 10,969H. Edusat will be available only from the new frequency.

WSSE (Wyższa Szkoła Społeczno-Ekonomiczna in Warsaw), which is responsible for the Edusat channel broadcast, has informed about the changes on its Internet website.

The first Polish education channel - Edukacyjna Telewizja Satelitarna "EDUSAT" has started broadcast on 9 of November 2002 year. Wyższa Szkoła Społeczno - Ekonomiczna in Warsaw is the owner of "EDUSAT" television. The channels is made for those, who wants to enlarge their science and culture knowledge.

Edusat channel parameters are:
Intelsat 707 - 1W; 11,189V; SR=2142; FEC=3/4.

Source: WSSE