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I had a working eeprom.hex file for my pcb card. However, now the code had changed, and I got the new PMK and ProvIDs. I updated the eeprom file using the eepromed.exe program. I only changed the contents of the third field from the left (ProvID), and the first field from the right (Plain key) for the two providers. It is still not working. Do I need to make any other
update to the file other than the PMK and ProvID? There is also another eeprom editor called eedit.exe I tried it, and it shows different contents of the same file that I open with eepromed.exe Is this normal?


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There are many different versions o goldwaffers out there.. hey often use different key templates. It is *not* the case that an editor which readfs and writes correctly to one particular template will also do so for others.
Many editoors are bespoke versions, suitable only for manipulating a particular file. They are often supplied WITH particular wafer files for that reason.

The other possible source of confusion is that you may edit the wrong key. If the readme file states that the file is for, say, Stream, D+ and Nova, it doesn't mean that their keys appear in that order in the key file.