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My Satellite Setup
Thomson Sky+ PVR3, Pace 2200 Sky box, Zone 1 Triax minidish with Thomson Quad LNB, 1m Gibertini and Technomate TM-1500CI+ Super (Patched) 1metre Gibertini at Astra 1 19.2°e
My Location
Barnet, North London
Hi, i'm having trouble with my lon/lat, i whipped out my gps system and my

Lat is 51.6288°N

Lon is 0.1523°W

i want to point the dish at 19.2 heres what i got on an online calc

Satellite orbit: 19.2e Site Latitude(degN+, S-): 51.62
Site longitude(deg E): 0.15

Dish Azimuth(deg E relative to true north): 156.23
Dish Azimute(deg E relative to magnetic north): 159.69

Dish elevation(deg): 28.32 Slant range(KM): 38766.52
Polarisation tilt(deg): -14.49

Polar mount main axis angle(deg): 52.3
Polar mount dish offset tilt(deg): 6.77

Does this all look right? i'm slightly confused