ELvis has left the building!!!!


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May 17, 2003
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HI all well im back into sat tv viewing after 4 years or so (back from the days of d2mac)
I did have a brush with programming last october when i got my on digi box which was short lived!!!!!! as you all know it bit the dust in no time due to pirate cards (which i didnt make for anyone but myself)

well anyway i have my Elvis sitting here and was wondering what types of cards its capable of programming (already knowing it can prog goldies!!)

my version Elvis is a 3.5 which has the smaller modified coil on it (which older revisions had knocked off) and was bought from Divineo on the net..... baz

Just to give you some background on my card history i did make one of the first season interfaces myself (max232) and used it to decode the adult channel & also made a key logger card.
then i moved on to d2mac and made my own 5ky 10 card programmer which modded a ver 10 card into a d2mac card (that was some piece of kit..and i still have it!!!)

then came the pic programmer ,,,,, then went the pic programmer (somewhere upstairs with the 10 card progger )

and to date i have the elvis but im not sure what its full capablities are due to only using it a couple of times on my on digi.

anyone wanting a chat about the old days of programming ? im up for it!!!... cheers.........baz


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May 1, 1999
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Hi Baz, sounds like you should enjoy having a go at some of the newer cards, if you download the new version of TJ's Multiprog (its in the Editors and Utilities download section}, it should give you the complete range of it's capabilities, it certainly copes with most of what is currently available and is expanding all the tme.