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dose any one no if this can program a dragon card if not any ideas on what card's it would program thanks for any help


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yes works fine, serial and usb.


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Hi ukeden,
which Elvis programmer do you have? I found these instructions by TJ for the Elvis programmer:

for the older serial "elvis" and definitely for the yellow 3.6 usb "elvis"

using multiprog v1.80 or v1.90, or later !!!

For this method, you need a FUN7 card
Using a suitable program, program the FLASH of the FUN7 card with FUN7LDR.HEX,
and program the EEPROM with predator2XX.bin. Make sure the program you use
handle the large eeprom size of the fun7 card correctly!
END alternative method

Insert the programmed card into the Dragon module. Insert this into a receiver
and turn on the receiver. make sure you are tuned to an FTA channel.

Go to the Common interface menu on the receiver, and select the "Dragon Loader" module.
In the next menu, select "yes, Load module".
Now a menu appears indicating that loading is in progress. To see the actual progress percentage,
select *********. There is no auto-refresh because some receivers had problems with that....

When loading is complete, a menu appears saying "Loading successful". REMOVE the loader
card from the module, and switch off and turn back on the receiver.

************************************************** ******

there are two type of dragonloader cards.
The first one was a pic based card (PIC16F84A).
The second one, is just a Fun7 (2x24LC1024) and it is marked as Fun7.
As an alternative, a standard Fun7 can be used as a dragonloader card.

To program the Fun7 based loader card, or a standard Fun7 card I recomend this way of doing it, since it is the fastest and easiest way of doing it. The best thing is that it also works on the serial version of the programmer, and it takes less than 2 minutes.

Go to the Funcard tab
Give the project a suitable name.
Load the *.dra file as external eeprom.Select EEprom as 2x24LC1024.
Fun7Ldr.hex as Flash (this file is normally distributed with the .dra file).
Leave (or make sure that) internal ee is unticked.
Press program, and wait about two minutes.

If this fails, it is most probably because the loadercard is read protected, and therefore needs to be erased. To do this, tick all three tickboxes for the memory, press erase, and try again.


To program the picbased card, one needs to have the USB version of the programmer, the old serial version can't handle this card.

Go to the Dragonloader tab.
Give the project a name. Load the *.dra file, and select Dragonloader as card type. Then just press program, sit back and wait, since it takes a while.
This way of loading works for Fun7 based cards to, but it is much slower.

best regards

ps:- please note that the serial version of an elvis cannot program the pic version of the card because it does not have the 6.00 mhz phoenix mode required for this task

both of them ( serial and usb ) can program a funcard 7 ( prussian 5 )**************************************************