Hi everybody,
I just acquired a Fortec Star FSMCI-6000 and I'm eager to know everything about it. I'm also a newbie in the UCAS and CAM stuff. After hours on the net, I still have tons of Qs. So, pleeeease, try to answer all or part of them the most comprehensive way possible.

Here are first my receiver data:
Boot ver: 2.01
Appli ver: 3.04
CA: 3.02

The UCAS Info is:
H/W: 1.5
S/W: MR 1.070
Loader: 1.0

Concerning the embedded UCAS:
0/ What is CA? And is it Upgradeable?
1/ What does the H/W version tell us about the embedded UCAS?
2/ What is the Loader? Can we upgrade it? What version & where to get it?
3/ Can we upgrade the UCAS to Magic? To MR 1.081? to MRevolution? (version?) What is the best choice?
4/ What devices do we need to upgrade? (Loader, Fun Cards 6 or 5 OR Serial Cable?)
5/ What software do we need to upgrade the UCAS? (best one if many)
6/ What files do we need & where to get them? (I'm confused bw pentas, tetras and so on…)

I hope this is not much to ask, but I'm sure that many newbies like me would like to get these info. So I guess this will make a very useful sticky.

Thank you for your assistance in advance