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It would be good if we had an entertainment link on this site so that we can exchange information about where and when its available..!!
What do you reckon???
Back in the early days there were lots of good entertainment from all over Europe and the Middle East.... "one knew what to watch and when to watch it!!!..."

Turkish channels were one of the favourites in our household..... there used to be a soap during the evenings during week centred around a night club.... and every Sunday afternoon the wife and I settled down to some excellent oriental singing and dancing...

These days the entertainment is out there but the big question is "when"?....

Russian type channels sometimes have some good stuff on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings (UK Time)..... a few weeks back I recorded an excellent 50 minutes performance by a female singer and dancers on Moscow Open between 10 am and 12 am on a Sunday morning.

Turkish channels often have stuff around weekday lunch times (in the UK) and at other unpredictable times....

Apart from obvious occasions like Christmas, Easter and so on.... is there anyone out there that can predict when these snippets of entertainment are going to come along...???

....or is it a case of trail and era.... ???

Regards John


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Hi John, this is what the Transponders and Channels section is for and more specifically Dean131's section, by all means if you want to start a thread about what is of special interest in the next few days, then I will make it a sticky thread. :)