Ericsson first off 4G blocks

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Jun 26, 2007
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Sweden-based telecommunications firm Ericsson has unveiled one of the world’s first high-speed 4G mobile devices, working using LTE (Long Term Evolution) connectivity.
The prototype device, dubbed ‘Berta’, was unveiled as part of Ericsson’s LTE demonstration at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It can apparently achieve download speeds of up to 300Mbps, though in real-time tests was shown to achieve 25Mbps upload and download speeds.
Evolutionary release
It is rumoured Ericsson will also release a LTE / 4G device later this year, though the company declined to comment when contacted by TechRadar.
LTE technology is competing with WiMAX to deliver high speed mobile networks, and both have high profile supporters worldwide.
The LTE project was designed to evolve the current 3G technology used today, and Erissson’s prototype shows clearly which camp the company is in.
The unit may be bulky now, but it adequately shows what the technology is capable of, and would allow high-end fixed line broadband speeds on a mobile platform in the near future.
Ericsson also showed new mobile base stations, 25 per cent smaller and capable of hi-speed 3G, and the new LTE platform.