Eutelsat 33e new fta tv



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OP Gibertini 100 XP+ Inverto Black Ultra 0.2
Superior Dark Motor (160° max)
(50 east to 34.5 west)
TM6902HD (A/B switch) Octagon SX88+Optima

Raven 88cm Mesh Dish + TM-1 0.1
Stab100 H to H (120° max)
(53 east to 45 west)
Octagon SX88+ (A/B switch) Edision S2

45cm dish V8 Golden 28E FreeSat Quad Lnb
Virgin Media FreeSat
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New FTA tv FlySat Eutelsat 33E @ 33.1° East
Eutelsat 33E @ 33.1° East
12563 V 3820 3/4 DVB-S2/8PSK MPEG-4 E-33E Wide beam
Wine TV w F 101 102 Ita
Italian Fishing TV w F 201 202 Ita
Blu F 301 302 Ita
Deluxe 139 F 701 702 Ita

These channels used to be on 13 east maybe more will follow to 33 east ? as this satellite has plenty of capacity with 64 active transponders available,
FlySat Eutelsat 33E

Some Sky Italia package's have left 13 east recently,
FlySat Hot Bird 13B/13C/13E @ 13° East
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A little less analogue, and a lot more crap.
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I doubt they will stay fta for long on that satellite.

Feeds for a head end location that cannot receive 13E perhaps