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According to the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), phishing attacks are reaching a point of sophistication where even the most Internet-savvy user could be fooled, ZDNet UK reports.

Phishing is where unsuspecting users receive emails that attempt to fool them into disclosing online banking passwords, by sending them to a site that mimics the look and feel of their bank's Web site.

But phishing is no longer only about banks. The APGW warns that the organisations targeted by phishers have diversified, and the phishers' HTML skills have greatly improved.

According to the APWG, a new phishing method that people should be wary of is where the user receives an email from their ISP and when they click on the link, they are taken to the ISP's legitimate Web site in the main browser window; however, a new window pops up requesting their credit card information be entered. As pop-ups rarely display URL information, the user is less likely to be suspicious.

The APWG was formed in November 2003 to provide a forum for financial institutions and other organisations to share information in order to deal with the increasing number of phishing incidents.
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I saw an eBay one yesterday that could not be distinguished from an original under the IE browser

Suspicion only aroused when it asks for information and verification of passwords (something non of the legit sight asks for by email )

Paypal and eBay have reporting addresses ( - spoof@.------.com - ) if it looks a fraud


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Yes it is certainly a worrying subject....I deal on Barclays stockbrokers site and there is a warning on there about e-mails posing as Barclays asking for bank details etc!