'Express style' shopping channels for later this year



Richard Desmond, owner of the Daily Express and a range of adult publications and satellite channels, will launch two dedicated TV shopping channels built around the 'Express Newspapers style' later this year.

The channels will have interactive facilities and will form a new subsidiary of Northern & Shell's television interests, Portland Interactive, distancing them from its existing adult viewing operations. Northern & Shell says it will also launch three other channels Ð Jackpot, the Horoscope Channel and a channel specialising in Indian films.

Roland Agambar, group Marketing Director at Express Newspapers, will supervise the marketing of the two shopping channels, while content will come under Portland Programme Director Paul Dunthorne.

The group's outlay on the channels is expected to be in the region of E14 million and all will feature on BskyB. In addition, Northern & Shell will launch six more adult channels during the summer through its Erotika subsidiary.