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External USB 2.0 TV Box - £69.99 Lidl


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From Thursday 28.10 at Lidl (analogue)

REGIONAL OFFER - Only available from stores in the Midlands, Norfolk and Lincolnshire, London and the South East / South West of England (except Gloucestershire and Hereford).

Transform your PC into a digital video recorder and television set by simply plugging this box into your USB 2.0 port

Real-time-hardware-MPEG 1/2/4 video recording

Saves hard drive memory space through MPEG 4 compression

Records pictures in motion at up to 720 x 480/30fps (NTSC) and 720 x 576/25fps (PAL)

Compatible with analogue cable and aerial TV systems

Automatic programme search

Enables connection of external devices via composite-video of B-video-in

3 Year manufacturer’s warranty

With Pick-up Service and Hotline