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Hi lads,

I've read in a magazin (Satellite & digital choise) that you can have some extra channels on your Sky Digibox. In the magazin are two ads, which sound like that:first "Watch erotic movies & entertainment including hardcore from broadcasters outside the UK! Whithout subscription charge! Everything! Using your Sky Digibox! and the second "Extra channels on your Digibox! Extend the choice on your Sky Digibox by tuning in to channels which are hidden from your Sky TV Guide! No extra Equipment needed!
Both ads give a phone nr. like 09069.....which charge you £1.00/min.
I want to ask if is there anyone who knows something about this ads. Are there hidden channels, what kind of channels, how I can have this channels whithout to have to call 09069..... Any information or advice are welcome.

Happy Easter Everybody! :-cheers :-band

thanks lads, barella63


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If you are looking for mature content you won’t find Much (anything) on the satellites where Sky broadcast from.

You can add extra channels, but without adjusting your dish about all you will get are all the BBC regions (which are on the Sky Guide anyway) and all the ITV regions. A couple other foreign channels are available, and change from time to time.

For the complete list look at http://www.lyngsat.com/28east.shtml - the channels in light yellow are broadcast free, but you will probably find most of them on the Sky guide anyway. You can add ones that aren’t as long as the symbol rate is 22000 or 27500 – nothing else is supported by a Sky Digibox.

Not really worth paying £1.00/min for. The mature content channel reference is probably to TV3, a channel that broadcast a few years ago, unencrypted, from the same satellite as some of the Sky stuff and showed some mature content, but it is no longer free.


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As for the ads in the magazine, don't waste your money, their a rip-off.
You can spend hours on the phone, and still end-up none the wiser.