Ezdvbxl 2.5 Main feature DVD playback with some bugfixes etc


Big Ted

Big Hairy Bugger
Main feature of this release is DVD playback
No need torture EzDVB with DVD Some bugs are still present.
But you may use it as I use
features of DVD playback
- no need other apps to watch DVD
- preffered language for audio and menu
- automatically save/restore playback position
- autoplay DVD when inserted
Other news/enhancements:
- new switch in command line - /dvd
- Manual task adding to Scheduler. (right click on channel)
- Status line now have 3 states show/hide/autohide
- added hints in File playback to show full path/size/time
- some other bugfixes/enhancements
btw. use Default WMP9 skin to switch to DVD mode. Other skins need update.
note: DVD playback is still in beta testing. i don't know how it will works if you have more than one CD/DVD.
need filters for DVD:
- Microsoft DVDNavigator (included in WinXP). I recommend Service Pack 1 and DirectX 9.
- Sonic Video Decoder
- nVidia Audio Decoder
version 2.50 has some bad bugs. So, download 2.51:
if you already have 2.50 then download update:
- Now DVD uses DVD.GRF file to build DVD graph. You may build your own. Main Condition - presence of DVD Navigator by Microsoft.
- Hardware player not worked right in 2.50. FIXED
- Selection DVD Drive not worked. FIXED
- Old bug: Sometimes upon switch betwen play and live view there was quickly appered and disappered black square any where on the screen. I tried fix it. seems fixed now.
- After switch to play in Hardware Mode EzDVD continued show live view. FIXED.
- On SS1: If you switched off Video and then switch to play mode as DirectShow playback then hardware audio not muted. FIXED.
P.S: from this version of EzDVB I enabled connection from GraphEdit.
You may Spy currently built graph by GraphEdit (Connact to remote graph)
may be it will help in some cases. Only File and DVD playback mode can be spied. LiveView - no.