Ezy Box 8000 Hdtv Pvr

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Dreambox 7020 250g& Triax 90cm ,Technomate 8000 HD , Echostar AD-3000, Superjack VBOX2 Triax 1.1m LNB Lemon mono block
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Just seen this demontarted on DR Dish 19E looks like a box with a lot of options.

HD External hard drive via sata port ,PVR and TS formate so you can put onto p.c. and burn . There was one on E-BAY for £300 but only can see these on Germany websites now.

It sits on Linux but I am noy sure how flexible as importing cams is like a Dreambox . Strange they have used the 8000 number !!!

Translated in english below

EZY BOX 8000 HDTV PVR ready and the television world from tomorrow. Enjoy the new highly soluble television still with the possibility over high the speed eSATA to interface for external non removable disks your films noting. Besides the non removable disk is then recognized by your PC as removable data carrier and you to be able to do then the TS files comfortably and very fast to your PC to transfer. Main characteristics: MPEG 4 part 10/H. HD(MP@HL) or SD(MP@ML) USB 2.0 & SATA interface for external non removable disk DVB kind of condition, digital receipt 2x DVB Common interface pit for CAM of modules of systems videodecodes 264 main profile level 4 MPEG 2 several times: 8PSK assortment of the transmitters after FTA, CAS, satellite, Alphabethisch or network transmitter option key (German Pay TV) Teletext: OSG & VBI inserted in TV sub-title: Dual sub-titles (DVB & Teletext sub-title) Dolby AC3 digital audio exit or by S/PDIF EPG: Presence in connection & in the future OTA S/W down load protection of children and young people: Transmitter installation STB variable aspect relationship: 4:3(Full, center, type character box)/16:9 timer function: On timer/off timer Sleep timer VCR timer up to 6000 TV & radio of programs storable 8 favorite lists programmable RS-232C interface S/W UP of degrees via USB (stick) 9-stelliges, blue alphanumeric VFD display with indication of real time Standby function, for a small current consumption