Facebook asks for $100 million

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Jun 26, 2007
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In the space of four years, Facebook has grown from being a Harvard University web project to one of the biggest social-networks in the world. An explosive growth such as this is enough to give any CEO a nosebleed, especially when the cash coming in doesn’t quite cover the amount of servers needed to accommodate so much information.
That’s why, according to Business Week, Facebook has gone cap in hand to venture lenders and asked to borrow a hefty $100 million. That’s not counting the $370 million that the company has already raised in the last year.
Server space
It seems that more servers are needed as more people are signing up to the site. Current Facebook users are also eating away at vital server space by clicking yes on the various apps that are available, like the ones turning their online friends into vampires.
The cash will allow the company to buy a further 50,000 servers which is reportedly five times the amount it is using at the moment. Which is nothing compared to Google who reportedly houses a whopping 200,000 servers and still finds room for a gourmet restaurant on its grounds.