Facebook shuts down application over privacy

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Jun 26, 2007
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Facebook has closed down another of its most popular third-party applications after privacy violations.

The social networking site has quickly become one of the most popular internet destinations in the UK, but questions have been asked about privacy issues surrounding both the sheer level of personal data and third party add-ons.

Facebook has already been forced to pull another application, Top Friends after user details were intercepted by a hacker, and now the Social Hi app has run into the same problem.

The Information Commisioner's Office has already confirmed to NMA that it will be meeting Facebook UK to discuss the implications of the Top Friends leak.

Although Facebook warns users about using third party applications, the viral way in which they spread through the network and the amount of information, including photos, that people are prepared to place on their personal pages, creates a dangerous temptation for hackers.

Aside from the nefarious manner in which people's personal photos can be repurposed by adult sites, the spectre of identity theft looms large with dates of birth and email addresses available in unprotected personal pages.

Even in more private accounts breaches like the Top Friends incident happen, and most experts would agree that the best way to keep your personal data from getting into the wrong hands is to not post it on social networking sites.