Help Required Failed downloads on Sky On Demand through Overplay DNS



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Dear All

I am a newbie here and got the details of this forum through Google search.
I am in Switzerland and recently bought Overplay DNS subscription to access Sky On Demand.
I do the manual entries as my ISP provides dynamic IP Address.

On Sky Box, I see

Connection to Router - OK
Connection to On Demand - OK
IP Address - (my real IP)

I start to download a movie. It says "Downloading". Then after 3 mins or so I see the download - "FAILED".
I quickly check the SkyBox Network tab again and I see:
Connection to On Demand - FAIL

BUT after 1 min, it becomes OK again. I believe when the connection to On Demand FAILS, the download also FAILS.

Can someone please advise if he has also experienced this? Why does the Connection to On Demand - FAIL when I download a movie and then after 1 minute or so says OK?

Thanks for your help and the advice,


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Not the first time this sort of behaviour has been reported We think Sky are blocking some data centre ip's specifically to stop this.


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in the last couple of months, there have been some changes and sky started blocking some vpn and dns services (ip addresses used by these services).
there have been discussions of this subject in the following topics:

as for overplay's smart dns, simply changing to another dns server might solve your problem. contact overplay for advice.

if you want a long term solution, subscribe to a vpn provider that gives you a dedicated uk ip address (not shared). i recommend purevpn: good speeds, reliable service. its 75 USD per year (50 for shared ip, 75 for dedicated).

also, you can try configuring the dns servers on your router, rather than the sky box. this way, you do not have to do "manual configuration" in the network section of the sky box. use DHCP (on), and just connect to the router that has smart dns setup.

plus, there is another vpn/dns company, unotelly. they do not support sky boxes yet (on demand). but there is an open ticket on their support site, requesting this. if enough people show interest, they will add this feature. like it, vote for it! they are otherwise a great company, their dns service is very versatile and customisable.

good luck!
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