FAQ: Magic Module - receiver compatibility

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Jan 1, 2000
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As you know, the original receiver compatibility database for Magic Module is no longer accessible, as the magic-das.schmekt site has been shut down.

However, one can still search the Satkinder Board for their receiver model and find out, if other people had problems with it.

Dream Multimedia have developed three different hardware revisions of the Magic Module - v.1.01,v.1.02, v.1.03. UPDATE: A new hardware revision 2.00 is out - UK suppliers are awaiting stock.
There are differences in actual hardware components between 1.01 and 1.02. There is no upgrade path from one to another. Revision v.1.03 is hardware-identical to v.1.02, but made in Taiwan - not Germany. The major problem with v.1.01 was pixelated picture with several receivers, which was only partially resolved.
Humax OAK range (5xx0) - almost no problems
Echostar - some issues around module initialisation, that were traced down to faulty modules at the end. Pentacrypt 1.07 may revert to the Dreamload mode. If this happens, the module would not reset and is difficult to reload.
Hyundai HSS 1000 Latest firmware from Hyundai and module in the upper slot (Penta 1.09) work fine
Samsung 9500 works well with MM v.1.02 and not 1.01
Force 1133 works well with MM v.1.02 and not 1.01
Strong 4375, on the contrary, works well with MM v1.01, but not 1.02!
Topfield 4000 PVR - no problems v.1.01, pixelisation when writing to disk with v. 1.02
Digiquest/ Aston Xena - pixelation issues with MM v.1.01. The latest receiver firmware and MM v.1.02 work.
Nokia - mainly issues, but some successes. The outcome depends on the Nokia model and the firmware version in the receiver. UPDATE: Nokia 9600 with original v.3.1 firmware, MM. v.1.02, Penta 1.09 - almost troouble free operation. UPDATE: NOKIA 9650 hardware 1.4, firm 1.45 c.i., magic module rev 1.02, 1.03 penta 1.09 inserted in slot 1 pixelation, not decoding ORF, C+ Ho**and channels on TP 12641, 27500, 3/4 on Astra 1; magic module rev 1.02, 1.03 Penta 1.09, inserted in slot 2 all-works. MM rev 1.01
for 9650 works better overall.
Emtech 300 PVR,and OEM Emtech, i.e GbSat, etc. (motherboard rev. 2.00) do not work well with Magic rev. 1.01, 1.02, 1.03. Freezing and distortions, worst with v. 1.01. (Penta 1.09 not tested - Nickolai)
Radix DT 30 S - a bad choice, major issues, "misfires" every 2-3 minutes

I will continue to update the above list. Please PM me the compatibility information - I will post it here
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