FAQ: Programming the Magic Module on a laptop

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Jan 1, 2000
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The below is only relevant for laptops running Windows, as Linux OS does everything in a different way!

In brief: it is more simple than using the receiver.
You will require a laptop, running Win98SE, with at least one PCMCIA slot and a serial port.

You will need:
Magic module driver for Win98 (magic98.inf)
Loader program magicload.exe

From my personal experience:
Once you have the driver and loader installed:
1. Stick the module into the PCMCIA slot when the laptop is powered on.
2. The laptop should beep and "New hardware found - DVB card" dialogue will appear. When asked for a driver, supply the path to location of the magic98.inf.
3. The laptop will install the driver and "Magic DVB module" description will appear in the PC cards control panel
2. Insert the programmer into the module. Connect the serial cable to the programmer.
3. Start the loader program and follow the FAQ: "Programming the module for the first time" from this point

If you laptop happens to run win95 the loader program will not work properly. However you can still use the laptop to power up the module. Use magic95.inf for this purpose. Bring your laptop to your desktop and load it from there.

Good luck!
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